SUPERTHERM TM 40 tepelně izolační malta


heat-insulating mortar containing expanded pearlite will be especially used for walling of external masonry made of the SUPE®THERM brick blocks. The pearlite furnish mortar with airiness and lightness thus with a low thermal conductivity (λ< 0,20 W/m.K). The masonry thermal resistance is increased by 20-24% in comparison with application of usual cement-lime mortar.

  • High substantiality

  • Increase of masonry thermal resistance by 20-24 %

  • Simple processability

  • Since it is lighter the laboriousness is limited.

  • No thermal bridges are created in masonry!

  • Bag volume: 50 l

  • &(alpha) lambda; < 0,2 W/m.K

  • Grading 0-2 mm

Dimensions (L x W x H): 0x0x0mm
Average weight inf.: 25kg
Pressure strength class: 5MPa