Brickmaker´s manufacture in Dolní Bukovsko is a traditional plant for a long time. In 1876 Mr.Jan Řehoř built a hot flame brick furnace and opened the first mine for brick clay. The works expanded quickly and 8 men and 10 women worked there in 1895. The employees dug the clay with a pickaxe, after moistening they trod it with bare feet and pressed down it by hand into wooden mould. The completed full bricks were dried in flowing air in large sheds.
In the end of the 19th century Mr. František Řehoř, a son of the firm founder took over the plant. He modernized it and instead of the old brickworks he built 14-chamber circular furnace with 36m high chimney. Soon yet another dominant was built: 33m high chimney of steam machine. Pressing of full bricks and roof tiles-”bobrovka” was mechanized. The production increased much at that time and both the bricks and tiles marked with “Ř” letter were distributed in wide vicinity, especially to Veselí nad Lužnicí and Mezimostí nad Nežárkou. During the 1st republic the mining of brick clay was modernized. The pickaxes were replaced with electric bucket dredger and the clay was transported on rail trucks to the press.

The brick factory belonged to the Řehoř family until 1950 when is became one of the plants of Jihočeské cihelny, the national enterprise. After thorough exploration of the deposit a modern brick factory was built in the early 70´s. This was privatized in 1992 in favour of family members of the original owners. Ing. Vladimír Heluz became the owner of the brick factory who carries the torch of production of brick items and ceramic concrete panels as HELUZ cihlářský průmysl v. o. s. The company expanded and other plants are: Jistrop s. r. o. Dolní Bukovsko, Cihelna Hevlín and Cihelna Libochovice.