Company HELUZ Brick Industry (Public business company) produces and delivers on the market the complete brick industry system for fabric. In the present time the company is the second highest producer and deliverer of the brick material on the Czech market. In last years the company has invested into update and automation of operation and working (straightening and skid edger), also not a small investment was made for improvement of the natural environment around the Brick factories, as there were filters for disposure of combustion gas installed in every brick factory.

Nowadays the largest part of production capacity are the brick blocks STI (including additionsSTI ) for solid circuit brickworks that show high heat-isolated features. The company HELUZ got honourable mention on the exhibition FOR ARCH 2003 for the brick block 44 with extremely high heat isolated features. The most interesting sortiment is the brickwork beam HELUZ, which was rewarded by a Gold Medal in a fair IBF 2004 Brno. Another sortiment is the earthenware ceiling panel HELUZ which will make works and build up faster for building employees. Company HELUZ, as the only one on the Czech market, produces also brick blocks with thickness of 49 cm. This named sortiment is only part of all producing capacity of the company.The Company HELUZ can be proud of honourable mention from exhibition FOR ARCH Prague 2005 for acustic brick block SUPE®THERM AKU 14/49,7 P+D.

Sales of the company HELUZ Brick industry (Public business company) in mil. Kc (Czech crowns)