Burnt bricks are made from natural materials (clay, earth, water) produced with activity of fire. This natural material burnt and processed as bricks is one of the most ecological building materials uptodate. During the production they use only ekological advancements including fuel. Burnt material is easily recycled.
The Company HELUZ Brick Industry (Public business company) supports only ecological production of bricks, when they make a progress with maximal possible consideration (as in energy consumption, as in harming the natural environment – mining areas are recultivated). The company has updated and automated their activities on every production plant in past years, it built an equipment for reduction of burned charges.

Present huge interest for brick buildings is the main proof of the guarantee of maximal health and comfort of an inside atmosphere of brick buildings, which is argumented by building physical properties and their balance.
A brick, this is a thousand years old tradition with innovations, which respond to all requirements of today’s humans for healthy living and environment. A brick, this is the ideal connection of nature and our home full of healthiness and coziness.