Sales conditions

Deliveries of goods are carried out in accordance valid terms of delivery and terms of sale as per current price list. The prices are presented along with the plant – see back side of the price list cover. The prices of products and goods are mentioned without V.A.T. incl. foil and tape and loading, in special cases the transport is included. - seez free charge services and transport conditions.
Value added tax: 19%

pallets, strips selling prices
(Kč/pc exl.VAT)
purchasing price
(Kč/pc exl. VAT)
palety 118 x 100 a 134 x 100 cm 200,- 180,-
palety 120 x 80 cm (EUR) 200,- 170,-
pallets 50 x 110 cm
(by assortment of HELUZ roll-blind lintels)
100,- 90,-
wooden strips 8 x 8 x 103 a 8 x 8 x 93 cm
(ceiling beams, ceramic lintels and panels)
30,- 27,-

Pallets are not considered as returnable packing as per Law on Packing No. 477/2001Sb. Undamaged and re-usable pallets and strips may be returned to any plant of HELUZ cihlářský průmysl v. o. s. company. The pallets and strips are invoiced on purchase by the supplier and buys them back at prices mentioned in the price list. An invoice is issued on the returned pallets by the customer. . Only the same quantity of pallets as sold before will be accepted. The period for return of pallets and strips is 12 months since date of sale. When returned the pallets must be stacked. If not the reception of returnable packaging refuses to accept them. The pallets (strips) not accepted by the reception may stay in the plant for 14 days to be available for transfer (the supplier does not sort them). After this period the pallets will be destroyed.

  • For contractual purchasers as per valid general agreements excluding products determined in the v price list.
  • The non-contractual purchasers and private persons: no discounts.
  • In case the strength is lower than declared in the price list: 2% discount.
  • In case of purchase of STI assortment incl. corresponding quantity of SUPE®THERM TM mortar in a single delivery – the discount on basic SUPE®THERM STI materials is 2% (the discount does not cover additionals).
  • There are discounts on mortars and plasters as per valid general contracts. If a full-loaded camion of SUPE®THERM TM mortars and SUPE®THERM TO plasters is purchased an extraordinary discount is allowed.
  • In case the goods is purchased at other plant than mentioned in the price list the supplier decreases the given discount by 10% on brick items.
  • We also deliver goods on uncomplete pallets. In such case the basic price list price is increased na by 15%.
  • The Supertherm SB ground bricks for accurate walling are priced individually for single buildings as per your requests and no contractual or special discounts are allowed.

  • Qualified support to select the right brick system for your building.
  • Free-of-charge transport, transport contribution and free-of-charge pallet collection – more information see FREE-OF-CHARGE TRANSPORT.
  • Special consulting from our engineering and marketing consultants at the building.
  • Training for designers, building companies and schools.
  • We issue „Certificates on use of the SUPE®THERM heat-insulating blocks“ for managers of building companies, building owners and designers see page 28 of the House of contended life project.
  • Calculation of material consumption, specification and layering schedules. The ceiling laying schedule will be sent on request at the time of order (shipping order, settled advance invoice, receipt on cash payment).
  • Training for companies assembling roll-blind and shutter systems in Dolní Bukovsko.
  • Training of designers and building companies on panels in Libochovice panel works.
  • Educational excursions in plants of Dolní Bukovsko, Hevlín and Libochovice.
  • Consulting and training of building company on masonry made of ground bricks.

  • Laying of ceramic panels on the building. Price of the crane provided is agreed separately.
  • Consideration and static proposal of building fabrics, masonry capacity, beams, columns and foundations.
  • Design of bearing beams for roof truss installation, staircases and bearing walls.
  • New designs of other constructions like staircases and roof truss in case their bearing system should be changed.
  • To consider statics the building part of the design incl. important loading data should be presented. Preliminary estimated prices of single works will be calculated at 500 Kč/hour + VAT + potential fare fees.

The manufacturer is liable and guarantees for defects of products and goods in scope given by the Commercial Code and the Civic Code. Five-year warranty is given on the products by the manufacturer if below mentioned conditions on securing against bad weather are complied with the customer. The complaint regarding assortment or quantity must be lodged immediately after receipt of the goods. The complaint regarding defects or damage of the goods must be lodged with no delay but before building incorporation. The goods must be stored by the purchaser so that the condition of the claimed goods could be recognised until final decision is issued. The quality of products is determined in accordance with standards mentioned in the compliance certificate – see, file COMMERCIAL – Legislation. The complaint is always presented in writing where the goods were sold. To consider the complaint the seller must have access to the claimed goods. The complaint has no suspending effect on full price payment. The purchaser´s justified claim will be solved as follows:
The purchaser´s justified claim will be solved as follows:
  • by alternative delivery,
  • discount,
  • credit note.

In case of any dispute the judical place for inland customers is located in the site of sued party. The judical place for foreign customers is District Court or Regional Court in Českéh Budějovice.

Cash payment (in the site of the company or at dispatch offices), proforma invoice, bank transfer and against invoice when security bak guarantee is presented. The payment terms are modified in the contract. The due date is understood the day when the required amount is put down to account of the seller. The purchase against invoice is allowed for contractual customers only. If payment is delayed the supplier is entitled to charge the customer with contractual interest of of overdue payment as per 0,05% for each day of delay since date of the claim until the day when the required amount is put down to account of the supplier. In reference to §445 of the Civic Code the purchaser takes possession of the goods after payment is settled. The risk of loss of the goods as per §445 of the Civic Code is transferred to the purchaser at the moment when the goods is received. In case the goods is returned to the supplier´s store, e.g. because of an error in the order, 50% of the originnaly invoiced value is credited. The goods may be returned on complete pallets only and only to the plant from where the goods were dispatched. An important condition for returning goods is is a written adjustment issued by the supplier. The supplier reserves the right not to receive the goods back.

The price offers of the supplier are binding and effective for period of 30 calendar days if not agreed differently and if their binding was certified in writing including the validity period. If not mentioned otherwise the prices in the price offers are understood from manufacturer´s plant, i.e. free plant, no transport free-of-charge or any transport contribution.

The deliveries follows the order record followed by a shipping order. The shipping order is effective for 8 calednar days since date of the issue. After this date it is not valid. In case delivery is required incl. transport from the supplier such a delivery is usually carried within five calendar days since date of the shipping order issue if not agreed otherwise. The supplier reserves the right not to confirm or to keep the date of already confirmed time of delivery as per reasons mentioned below:
  • a natural disaster or act of god,
  • manufacturer´s line accident,
  • temporary shortage of goods because of plant capacity or assortment.
Deliveries are continuous if given payment conditions are met!

Prices of all products are listed in a currently valid price list. In case of any change of the price in the price list then such a price is charged which is valid on the day of sale. The day of purchase is understood the date of dispatch. The prices mentioned in the price list cover loading from the seller´s stores at no VAT. The price list prices are increased by special extra surcharges, e.g. when a divided packet or pallet is purchased etc.


The seller arranges on request lorry transport from the manufacturer´s plants. The price of surcharges are given in zones of 10 km by air from the supplier´s plant. The transport of panels is meant further to the building process. More information is avaiable for the central sale service.

  • Free-of-charge transport all over the Czech Republic is vailable for: ceiling beams, MIAKO, capping courses, ceramic lintels, roll-blinf lintels HELUZ, mortars, KLINKER, bricks with no sign of manufacturer and bricks with sings of all 3 plants if a complete camion is purchased.
  • The free-of-charge transport of a complete camion of bricks manufactured in signed manufacturer´s plant within circle of 200 km (panels up to 100 km) by air – see – interactive price list.
  • The free-of-charge transport from Dolní Bukovsko: a complete camion of flat ceramic lintels, ceramic lintels 238, roll-blind lintels and ceiling beams for zones above 100 km + discount 4 000,- Kč per camion. The discount is allowed only if transport is arranged by the supplier at total price 130 000,- Kč as per price list.
  • The free-of-charge transport all over the Czech and Slovak Republic on KLINKER items if a complete camion is purchased + discount 5 000,- Kč per camion.
  • The free-of-charge transport is meant just the basic transport, i.e. When the truck is unloaded by the customer , in case of panels further to the building process. In case of other transport types, e.g. if LL is required, any special charge will be invoiced. Special charge will be also invoiced if distance exceeds 200 km (bricks)and 100 km (panels).
  • Free-of-charge transport will be arranged if provided by the supplier. If transport is arranged by the purchaser a contribution of 2 500 Kč will be provided.
  • In case of uncomplete camion when transport is arranged by the purchaser a discount of 2% will be provided instead of the contribution , on panels it is 3%. In case of purchase of uncomplete camion when transport is arranged by the supplier full price is invoiced and instead of the contribution is discount of 2%, on panels it is 3%. The full price of transport is given individually.
  • The deliveries of ceramic panels may be combined with other products from Libochovice plant only. In case of combined sale for zones above 100 km no raised price will be invoiced as per table of transfers further to the building process or transport on time (panels).
  • In case of combined sale of complete camion with MIAKO ceiling (JISTOP ceiling beams, MIAKO inserts, capping courses) and lintels (flat ceramic lintels, lintels 238 and roll-blind lintels) along with brick goods in zones above 200 km by air from any plant the transport price will be calculated on weight ratio.
  • For customers using the HELUZ transport regularly we arrange collection of pallets free of charge if number of pallets is higher than 300. More information on pallet collection is available from the central sale srvice.
  • Orders should be sent to the central sale service tel.: +420 385 793 030, mobil: +420 602 451 399, fax: +420 385 726 145, e-mail:
  • On place of loading, one place of unloading.
  • More info on transport conditions are available in file COMMERCIAL INFORMATION/Transport.
  • If agreed with the sale service (who advises the carrier) another unloading or loading at individually agreed price.
  • Any change of unloading location as per the recorded order and not confirmed by the supplier on the shipping order is flagrant violation of conditions for free-of-charge transport. Any charges will be invoiced to the purchaser.

Loading, handling and transport of brick goods is arranged as per instructions see file TECHNICAL/Loading and handling of products. Resistance to frost (RTF): Not resistant to frost (no marking) and resistant to frost eg. M 25, M 50, the sign means number of frost-resistant cycles in accordance with PNG 72 2600. The higher number, the higher resistance to frost. The non-resistant products to frost (those being not declared as frost-resistant) should be prevented during winter against weather effects (water, rain, snow) as per ČSN EN 1996-1-1 and PNG 72 2600 standards, i.e. as the products on stock themselves as the masonry.

  • Compression strengths are measured in natural state of actual humidity as per ČSN EN 772-1.
  • Th e values of overall heat transfer coefficient „U“ and theraml resistance „R“ are mentioned with fully mortared gap walled on mortar SUPE®THERM TM (λ ≤ 0,20 W/mK) if not mentioned otherwise. These values are mentioned on outer and bearing bricks P+D as average of all plants. Th ereal values for single plants are mentioned in a handbook.
  • The actual humidity is understood weight humidity 1,0 % on outer masonry and 0,5 % on inner masonry.
  • The products are allowed to be used for the purpose for which they were manufactured. Any other use is forbidden.
  • The number of pallets per camion are given for information only, meant for 24t camion. To get the best camion loading the product weights are checked and up dated regularly. The accurate camion loading is mentioned on the shipping order or delivery note. This information must be told before issue of shipping order.
  • An ES certificate on compliance have been issued for products marked with CE compliance stamp.
  • For bricks SUPE®THERM 36,5–49 P+D and STI we produce two kinds of additionals – one in P+D quality, one in STI quality. The additionals in P+D quality, i.e. corner bricks, low and half sized, show compression strength of 10 MPa and they have standard heat-insulating properties of P+D blocks. The STI additionals, i.e. corner bricks, low, marginal and half-sized marginal, show compression strength of 8 MP and higher heat insulating propreties than P+D quality additionals. The STI marginal and half-sized marginal bricks are furnished with a pocket for inserting an insulant in window and door lining. If there is requirement to input insulant to the lining also for P+D bricks and it is not necessary to keep brick strength in the lining at 10 MPa, it is allowed (thanks to the same saystem of loose tongues) to use marginal and half-sized marginal STI even with P+D bricks. When bearing lintels JIST®OP 238 are placed onto marginal and half-sized STI bricks it is necessary to enlarge their bedding from original number of 125, 200 or 250 mm to 150, 250 or 300 mm depending on their length. The additionals are distributed from the same plants where the basic assortment is manufactured to which they belong.
  • The bricks with jagged approach gap for loose tongues (P+D) – standard assortment well known on Czech market. It is manufactured in all plants at strengths of 8, 10 a 15 MPa. Combined with heat insulating mortar meets required standard values. As standard it is reached calculated masonry strength of 1,0 Mpa if walled on heat insulating mortar. All new produced bricks (SB, STI) are manufactured only with the jagged approach gap to meet loose tongues.
  • The Supertherm ground (SB) bricks have both the surfaces ground, calibrated on 249 mm, walling in hight module 250 mm. For knitting we use thin-layer mortar or polyurethane foam. There are two 2 sorts of thin layer mortar in use: The first one is placed only on ribs of bricks in thickness of 1 mm est. (mortar for thin gap SB), the other one is placed in the brick surface in thickness of 3 mm est (mortar for whole surface thin gap SB C). After the block is bedded into the mortar it is pressed to 1 mm, to reaching hight module of 250 mm. When ground bricks are joined with polyurethane foam 1-2 bands of foam of width 2 mm are placed on the brick surface in distance of 5 cm from masonry margin. The ground bricks are manufactured by plants in Dolní Bukovsko and Libochovice. There are standard P+D bricks ground in Dolní Bukovsko, in Libochovice both standard P+D blockas and highly heat-insulating STI bricks.
  • The Supertherm TepelněIzolační (STI) – are bricks with higher thermal resistance. These bricks are manufactured in two plants: in Hevlín and Libochovice. The brick blocks from Hevlín have the highest heat-insulating propertis in the Czech Republic. The brick blocks are delivered from Libochovice plant in standard form or in ground variant. In case the ground blocks are combined with whole surface mortar for thin gaps the final masonry has high heat-insulating properties but its calculated strength is higher than blocks with strength of 15 Mpa are applied on cement mortar. This is the unique combination of high strength of masonry combined with heat-insulating properties, not achieved at all lately.

manufacturin plant ident. number
Dolní Bukovsko 1
Hevlín 2
Libochovice 7