Production plants

Cihelna Dolní Bukovsko

name: HELUZ Brick Industry, (Public business company) Brick Factory Dolní Bukovsko
address: Dolní Bukovsko 295
Post number: 373 65
Head of Production: Kohout Pavel
Contact number: tel.: 385 793 039, fax: 385 726 215

Brick Factory Dolní Bukovsko delivers on the maket a complete product assortment with trade mark SUPERTHERM and produce unfinished goods for products for business premises of JISTROP Ltd.The innovation on the market is the new Brickwork Beam Heluz. The brick wares are made from (sprasena hlina), which have higher content of iron oxides, due to that brick products Dolni Bukovsko have higher red color.


name: JIST®OP-South Chechs Ceilings Ltd.
Site of an industry: Dolní Bukovsko 295
PSČ: 373 65
region: České Budějovice
IČ: 47239212
DIČ: CZ47239212
Bank connection: ČS Č. Krumlov a. s., č.ú. 000000-0580908399/0800
Director: Jan Krampl
Head of production: Michal Žemlička
Contact number: tel.: 385 793 064

Business Premises JIST®OP Ltd. Dolní Bukovsko delivers on the market horizontal constructions to a complete brick system HELUZ. These are earthenware ceilings JIST®OP 250, flat earthenware beams and earthenware beams JIST®OP 238.

Brick FactoryHevlín

název: HELUZ Brick Industry (Public business company) Brick Factory Hevlín
address: Hevlín
Post number: 671 69
Head of Factory: Smola Jan
Contact no: tel.: 515 274 376, fax: 515 274 220

Brick Factory Hevlín delivers on our market mostly brick blocks of a good quality SUPE®THERM for high heat-insulating belted masonry.. The high quality of brick blocks is guaranteed by an advanced technology, by experience of the employees and mostly by a quality of used based material. The extraordinary brick clay is extracted in closness of production objects. It comes from the area of chalk sediments with high content of diatoms. The level of grey calcareous loams to silty clay is sometimes to 600 meters.

Brick Factory Libochovice

Name: HELUZ Brick Industry (Public business company) Brick Factory Libochovice
address: Pokorného 810, Libochovice
Post no: 411 17
Head of the factory: Beránek Karel
Contact no: tel.: 416 591 386, fax: 416 591 231

Brick Factory Libochovice delivers on our market a complete brick sortiment SUPE®THERM for fabric. The operation of concrete panel factory is part of the main brick factory where they produce earthenware ceilings panels Heluz..