Do you wish to build a family house and you think how it should look like?
Go through the steps to see what you can expect.

1. What house?

Now the law allows construction of four types of houses according to their energy demands: passive, low-energy, energy saving or energy satisfying. Each of them has its specific properties and prices of their constructional components used are different. We are ready to prepare a solution that meets your requirements and calculate how much it will cost.

Types of houses

2. Material

Naturally, we recommend clay blocks. The clay blocks are resistant, strong, accumulate heat and cold, do not transmit noise and create healthy conditions for living. Our clay blocks system allows perfect solutions of the whole shell construction and build a passive house. Regarding the parameters, prices of the HELUZ products are comparable with competitive materials. In case you still hesitate, we will be pleased to discuss all positives and negatives with you in detail.

HELUZ Products

3. Design

When the house is designed by a designer experienced with the particular material, it is the best way to obtain a perfect result. We know many designers in the Czech Republic that know how to work with the HELUZ system. We can also offer other support, layout plans and static solution of the structures. This may save a lot of your time and you can rely on professional work.


4. Transport of material

Transportation of the material to the site is another issue that has to be taken into account. However, this is not the case with us. As the biggest Czech producer of clay blocks materials we dispose of wide distribution network in the Czech Republic. The ordered material will be brought to the construction site free of costs within three days or on the date as agreed beforehand.

Transport of material

5. Construction+

Good design is one side of the coin, good workmanship on the site is the other side of the same coin. As we want the best possible result for you, we offer assistance of our experts on the site. They can supervise the foundation slab and are ready to provide counsel whenever during the process of the construction. Necessary tools are also available so that you do not need to buy anything as a disposable item.

Services of HELUZ

6. Authorities

Any construction of a house means obtaining many documents for authorities and other instituions and the need is more and more extensive. This is another issue we are ready to assist you with if you build with us. We prepare a certificate of energetic demands of the building free of charge and a fire safety solution for a privilege price.

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