chimney pot

Product category: Chimneys
Use for the systems Klasik, Izostat Duo or Izostat - solid fuels
Polished stainless steel sheet with a thickness of 1 mm
Only for appliances operating at atmospheric pressure
The inner diameter are 160, 180 and 200 mm
The standard lengths supplied are from 0.49 to 2.32 m
Use with or without a roof
It is not necessary to anchor a pot up to a length of 1 m
15-year warranty
Chimney pot is made to order.
Delivery time 2-3 weeks.


Its use is appropriate in cases where it is necessary to extend an existing or new chimney to the desired height, but also where the brick chimney stack is too long and not aesthetically pleasing. The pot is a three-layer structure made of polished stainless steel sheets, between which is thermal insulation. The bottom (attachment) part consists of a stainless steel cover plate which is firmly connected to the chimney body and allows for rear ventilation and even the intake of combustion air to the appliance. The chimney pot can be fitted with a canopy against rainwater and debris falling into the chimney.


  • Simple and quick installation on the chimney
  • It does not put excessive load on the chimney with its weight
  • Suitable in combination with the vertical smoke flue with the function of a chimney
  • The pot also has an aesthetic function
  • Retrofitting is also possible
  • Anchoring is not necessary up to a length of 1 m

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