Chimney system KLASIK

Product category: Chimneys
The inner diameter of the chimney liners 160, 180 and 200 mm
The maximum flue gas inlet temperature is 600 ° C
Fire resistance EI 90
Connecting a flue 90 ° and 45 °
30 year warranty
Completion of the above-roof unit in the basic design and in the design with the GRAND ring


The system is especially designed for solid fuels (e.g. fireplaces, stoves, fireplace liners, solid fuel boilers) and operation at atmospheric pressure. HELUZ KLASIK system - it can also be used in chimney reconstruction with the possibility of combining it with any other HELUZ chimney system, including an empty or half empty ventilation shaft. Its design allows for the safe venting of flue gas into the open air.


  • geeignet vor allem für feste Brennmateriale und den Trockenbetrieb
  • ein bewährtes Schornsteinsystem
  • man kann bis zu 10 m Schornstein an einem Tag bauen
  • Kombination mit leeren Schächten möglich

Chimney ending

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