HELUZ MIAKO ceiling joist - 700

Product category: Ceilings / Ceramic Ceilings HELUZ MIAKO
Dimensions (LxWxH): 7,000 x 160 x 230 mm
Weight: 168 Kg


For a maximum variability of the ceiling structure that does not a require technologically demanding installation, maintains a healthy indoor climate and is affordable at the same time.

Semi-mounted MIAKO ceilings are part of a comprehensive system for structural work. They are mostly commonly used in residential and civic buildings, but they may be used in industrial and agricultural buildings as well.
These ceilings are very flexible and can be used in rugged and irregular floor plans of rooms with diameters up to 8 meters. After adding reinforcement, they can also be used as continuous beams or for brackets of balconies and stair landings, for example. However, they are not appropriate for buildings that are dynamically loaded.

HELUZ MIAKO ceramic beam ceilings are composed of ceramic ceiling inserts and ceramic-concrete ceiling beams reinforced with a welded lattice girder. The straight ceramic brick ceiling is a good substrate for plastering. Thanks to its excellent accumulation and ability to absorb and release moisture, the ceiling creates a healthy micro-climate in rooms, which is why ceramic ceilings guarantee healthy and sanitary housing. Also in terms of fire resistance, heat insulation and acoustic parameters, these beam ceilings are suitable structural elements for residential and civic buildings. HELUZ MIAKO ceilings are highly variable and can also cover rooms with a diameter up to 8 m.



  • system solution
  • maximum flexibility
  • affordability
  • manual assembly option
  • traditional and popular ceiling installation technology
  • ceramic soffit = suitable substrate for plaster
  • for a healthy indoor micro-climate
  • the most widely used ceramic ceiling

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