Product category: Bricks for Siding and Inner Walls / Accessories
Dimensions (LxWxH): 187 x 440 x 238 mm
Weight: 13.1 Kg
Class of compression strength: 10 MPa
Heat diffusion coefficient U: NPD
Thermal resistance R: NPD
Airborne sound insulation: NPD
Comsumption of bricks per m2: 21.4
Comsumption of bricks per m3: 48.6
pcs on the pallet 118x100: 84


For easy solutions to structural details (corners, jambs, sills).

Supplementary bricks are used for easy solutions to structural details (corners, jambs, sills), and their use significantly reduces the labour intensity of brickwork.


  • they supplement the HELUZ comprehensive brick system
  • quick and easy solution for details
  • for all widths of bricks produced
  • elimination of thermal bridges of windows and doors
  • the possibility of adjusting the height of the walls outside the 250 mm height module

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