komplet renowacyjny - Heluz Profi

Product category: Chimneys
Use for the systems Klasik, Izostat Duo or Izostat - solid fuels
Only for appliances operating at atmospheric pressure
For internal vent dimensions of 15 x 15 to 17 x 17 cm
The maximum length of the new chimney part - 8 m
Can be used with a roof, but preferably with one


It is mainly used for the repair (reconstruction) of the existing chimney stack, which is exposed to weather and usually no longer meets the requirements imposed on it. The upper part of the existing chimney just needs to be disassembled to the attic, where it is often alright thanks to a specially developed remediation part. Then go to one of the delivered chimney systems and build it up again to the required height. You can choose how the new chimney stack will look from a wide range. We recommend fitting the chimney with a roof in order to prevent rainwater from leaking in or any dirt falling in. The remediation part was developed in cooperation with leading Czech experts in the field.


  • Easy to repair the entire old chimney stack
  • Repair using a certified chimney system
  • The remediation part is made to order according to the required size
  • Easy transition from the "old" to the new chimney
  • In the transition, the chimney mantle surface does not overheat.
  • Several choices of a chimney stack end

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