vertical smoke flue with the function of a chimney

Product category: Chimneys
Only for appliances operating at atmospheric pressure
The inner diameters of the liners 180 and 200 mm
Use for the systems Klasik, Izostat Duo or Izostat - solid fuels
The maximum flue gas inlet temperature 600 ° C
The maximum height of such a chimney - max. 8 metres


Suitable solutions for places where you can not build a regular chimney or where such a chimney would disturb the internal environment of the room. The vertical smoke flue with the function of a chimney is installed on the soffit above the appliance and can also be fitted to the surround of the stove. The foundation of the chimney is on a feeder-through chimney heel, which carries all the other parts of the chimney. The mouth of the chimney must be equipped with a Meidinger head, which prevents rain from leaking into the vent and must ensure the checking and cleaning of the flue. The maximum height is limited to 8 meters. The connected appliance must be adapted for the use of this connection.


  • Use in new buildings, where there is a problem with the low effective height
  • The design ensures the rear ventilation
  • Reducing pressure losses in the flue and smoke vent
  • The selection of a chimney stack and the chimney end from several types
  • Lower initial costs than a conventional chimney

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