Product series


 NameProduct seriesEnergetic demand of the houseWidthCompare
HELUZ FAMILY 50-K 2in1 grindedHELUZ FAMILY 50-K 2in1 grindedAccessories 500 mm
HELUZ FAMILY 38-K grindedHELUZ FAMILY 38-K grindedAccessories 380 mm
HELUZ FAMILY 50-K grindedHELUZ FAMILY 50-K grindedAccessories 500 mm
HELUZ FAMILY 44-K grindedHELUZ FAMILY 44-K grindedAccessories 440 mm
HELUZ FAMILY 30-R grindedHELUZ FAMILY 30-R grindedAccessories 300 mm
HELUZ PLUS 44-K-1/2HELUZ PLUS 44-K-1/2Accessories 440 mm
HELUZ PLUS 44-KHELUZ PLUS 44-KAccessories 440 mm
HELUZ PLUS 44-K-1/2 grindedHELUZ PLUS 44-K-1/2 grindedAccessories 440 mm
HELUZ 8HELUZ 8HELUZ for Inner Walls and Partitions 80 mm
HELUZ 8 grindedHELUZ 8 grindedHELUZ for Inner Walls and Partitions 80 mm
HELUZ PLUS 44-K grindedHELUZ PLUS 44-K grindedAccessories 440 mm
HELUZ PLUS 44-R grindedHELUZ PLUS 44-R grindedAccessories 440 mm
HELUZ PLUS 44-N grindedHELUZ PLUS 44-N grindedAccessories 440 mm
HELUZ FAMILY 50-N grindedHELUZ FAMILY 50-N grindedAccessories 500 mm
HELUZ FAMILY 44-N 2in1 grindedHELUZ FAMILY 44-N 2in1 grindedAccessories 440 mm
HELUZ P15 30/25-N grindedHELUZ P15 30/25-N grindedAccessories 300 mm
HELUZ FAMILY 30-1/2 grindedHELUZ FAMILY 30-1/2 grindedAccessories 300 mm
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