5 good arguments
for modern HELUZ brick system

Argument What benefits it brings to you


The best thermal insulation properties

Thanks to our own development we have already launched the fourth generation of bricks. The HELUZ Family 2in1 series enables to build a passive house using one row of bricks only.

You can get perfect thermal insulation already inside the brick and nothing shall be changed in future. The walls are strong and resistive; this is appreciated if you need to fix something on the walls.


All components fit each other

The system is like a puzzle that solves the sheel construction. Ceramic ceiling panels, sunblind and louver lintels, chimneys and naturally, various brick types.

Perfect coupling of the components guarantees simple, fast, resistant and well insulated construction. In the result the house is like made of one piece.


Price quotation and bill of material free of charge

Based on your project documentation we can prepare a bill of material for your house and calculate its price. The bill of material is free of charge.

You can avoid a lot of troubles and wasting time when searching information in various price lists and technical sheets. Everything necessary will be prepared for you by experienced experts.


Proper brick house

As for resistance and strength, modern bricks still preserve their properties. Structures of such bricks are massive, safe, fireproof and durable. Their lifespan exceeds one hundred years and more.

After completion the construction does not settle, there is no danger of cracked plasters or other deformations. The masonry is resistant to weather and any organisms. The house will still serve to children of your childrens.


Congenial living

The bricks are permeable, made of natural materials, with good acoustic properties and accumulation of heat.

You will live in healthy environments. You will not be jeopardised by moulds from accumulated moisture and toxic substances. You will not be bothered by noise from outside or adjacent rooms. Moreover, the house will show thermal stability.

Do you already have a project documentation?
Do not waste time by browsing through price lists and technical sheets.



„Bill of materials“ free of charge
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