A house that levitates and spreads across two plots

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Object type: Low-energy house
Designer: Ing. Lukáš Návara, Ing. arch. Tomáš Russe
Building company: Bautechnik s.r.o.
Specific need of heat for heating: do 50 kWh/(m2a)
Structure: Single-layer masonry construction without additional insulation


HELUZ assortment used


The interior of the house built from the HELUZ FAMILY brick system does not overheat even in the summer heat

A house that levitates and spreads across two plots 

A modern, stylishly clean, well-equipped, and well-glazed house with a flat roof, such as the idea of a young couple with two children about their new housing in the suburbs of the southern Bohemian town of Tábor. The designer Lukáš Návara not only heard the specification of what the house should look like from them, but they also supplied him with photographs from their walks or the internet. The result is a "simple" two-store brick house from the HELUZ FAMILY system, which spread across two plots and, thanks to the maximally glazed ground floor and sloping plot, optically almost levitates over the landscape. Even the glass railing on the upper floor with a minimum of disturbing partitions helps to fulfill the name of the local parts, which is called the Beautiful Viewpoint along the street of the same name.

“We have a wonderful view of the city of Tábor, so anyone who comes to us admires it. We have a house facing in that direction and the views should no longer change, we are on the edge of the housing development, which should not continue any further,” the investor praises the location. Originally, he did not want to build, he intended to buy a ready-made house, in the end, he was glad that they could indulge in the house according to their ideas.

A slightly sloping land of nearly two and a half thousand square meters was formed by the merging of two neighboring plots. “Two plots of land were sold, the main power line goes through the larger one, and I would have to press the house halfway to the edge, so we preferred to buy a smaller neighboring plot of land and merge them. Now we have enough space for both the terrace and the pool,” the investor continues. The two-store family house has the shape of a curved rectangle with an overhanging upper floor and flat roofs, the simple appearance of the building is completed by a white facade with partial quarry stone cladding. The layout of the house is designed as 5 rooms with a kitchenette with a living area on the ground floor, which consists of a spacious living room with the kitchen, and private facilities upstairs (bedroom, study, two children's rooms, and a gym).

It was built from the single-layer masonry HELUZ FAMILY 50 and the inner partitions are also brick-made – the inner supports are made of the rubbed bricks HELUZ 20, the non-load-bearing partitions are made of the bricks HELUZ 14 and 11.5. “The investor required a heat uninsulated building with very low energy consumption,” explains designer Lukáš Návara the selection of the HELUZ FAMILY 50 system with a heat transfer coefficient at the level of passive houses (U = 0.14 W/m2K). These values are achieved by the HELUZ FAMILY bricks with a width of 500 mm without the need for additional external heating. This makes the construction work faster and results in healthier, breathable construction with long service life and lower energy costs. The architect, the designer, and the acquaintances who are in the construction industry did not see any advantages in the wood construction, so we decided on a brick house. Even in the summer heat, the house did not overheat, it was pleasant, and we have neither air conditioning nor recuperation," the investor said after the first summer. The orientation of the glass facade with sliding HS portals and the insulation triple glasses to the north also contributed to this.

Larger glazed surfaces are also on the floor, including a glass-railed terrace, which also does not prevent the views of the historic part of Tábor town. “The bedroom terrace is separate, and we have a vision with our wife that we will get a table and a chair there and when the children grow up, we will relax there,” the investor looks forward. His satisfaction with the house and the architect's proposals is demonstrated by the fact that after he finished his house, he started to develop a project with three apartment houses with the same architect.

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