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A complete construction system

A new house is hard work, but you can make some things easier for yourself. The HELUZ brick system will help you build the whole core of the building. No need to go searching for missing parts, and no need to deal with any hidden problems. It’ll all fit together perfectly.


6 REASONS to build a house from HELUZ bricks

Faster construction

All HELUZ components, from bricks to chimneys, are perfectly interconnected and work well together, which significantly speeds up the process and helps simplify your project.

Economical living

HELUZ FAMILY and HELUZ FAMILY 2in1 bricks have excellent thermal insulation properties. They are suitable for all types of energy-efficient buildings, including passive houses.

A healthy environment

Brick is a natural material that doesn’t transmit heat, but is still able to breathe. This prevents moisture from accumulating and mould from growing in the house.

Durable and safe construction

Masonry is strong, fireproof, and resistant to extreme weather and various organisms. The building doesn’t have to settle after completion and there’s no risk of cracked plaster or other deformation.

An investment for the future

You’ll be building a house out of HELUZ bricks that will last several generations. At the same time, your children will be able to adapt it to suit their needs. The material allows for outbuildings and extensions as well as completion works and layout changes.

All you need for construction

We offer all the materials and tools you will need for bricklaying during your construction project. And we also provide advice and help. You can rely on us thanks to the professional HELUZ team.

INNOVATION for your convenience

When you don’t want to install thermal insulation

HELUZ FAMILY 50 2in1 ground

The brick with the best thermal insulation properties on the market. It can substitute up to 36 cm of thermal insulation.

So the house doesn’t overheat

HELUZ FAMILY 3in1 load-bearing lintel

A variable lintel filled with insulating material that supports the installation of all types of outside blinding technology – at any time during the building’s life cycle.


Dec 1, 2023

The new generation of Heluz ceramic blocks

In 2023 year November 21. In 20 2021, the Faculty of Civil Engineering hosted a lecture by Andrey Samuilov, representative of Heluzo namai UAB for the Baltic States, for the students of Civil Engineering studies.

Jun 2, 2023

RESTA International Trade Fair for Construction and Renovation

HELUZ products have been presented in the HELUZO NAMAI stand at the RESTA 2023 trade fair for construction and renovation, which has received recognition even by the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI). The international trade fair took place between the 27th and the 29th of April 2023 in Lithuania.

Oct 27, 2022


We are proud that the personality of the decade award went to Ing. Jan Smola, MBA, the CEO of HELUZ GROUP. He was awarded as a recognition of the dynamic development of the company over the past 5 years.


Video series – How to get started?

Learn useful tips with our video series and construction tutorial to help you plan and complete a new construction.

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