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Acoustics as a New Concept - HELUZ AKU Z 17,5 grinded brick

Apr 10, 2018

In recent years, HELUZ has been focusing on improving the housing comfort through acoustics. Since launching the completely new composite brick HELUZ AKU KOMPAKT 21 grinded brick, HELUZ has continued to develop and market load-bearing acoustic bricks with a unique “Z” lock. This innovation is characterized by strength, excellent acoustics, accumulation, thinness and especially the speed of construction – these are the basic benefits of this new brick block.

Thanks to this lock, the sound insulation of Rw = 51 dB has been achieved for plastered brickwork made of AKU grinded bricks. The masonry of these bricks can be used for exterior and especially interior load-bearing structures, on which the HELUZ MIAKO ceilings can be placed conveniently.

The thinness and strength of these bricks can be utilised to construct double walls between terraced houses or semi-detached houses of Rw = 68 dB with only 20 mm of a separating layer filled with mineral wool. Similarly, this brick is suitable, for example, for the lining of shafts in apartment buildings, for separating walls in bungalows and for other structures requiring an increased requirement for sound insulation. 

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