PROPOSAL of a laying plan for drawing up a bill of quantities for the amount to be credited for the collection of a HELUZ ceiling system. The layout plan is drawn up as a basis for preparing the bill of quantities. The price is for one variant. The proposed ceiling structure thus designed must then be assessed by the relevant responsible designer of the customer in the context of the overall concept of the designed building. The crediting of the amount must be requested after the collection of HELUZ material no later than three years from the date the taxable transaction of the service is carried out. The amount is only refundable on the collected variant of the HELUZ ceiling structure.


  • the building or building-construction part of the PD (technical report, plans, sections, elevations, roof, foundation)

Our experts draw up laying plans based on years of experience, but they can not know all the details of your project. Therefore, laying plans are still subject to approval by the relevant responsible designer in relation to the overall concept of the designed building.

We send laying plans in pdf and dwg, so the designer can incorporate the drawings made by our technicians (to best of their knowledge and years of experience) into his documentation or modify them.


  • without VAT: 500 CZK / variant
  • with VAT: 605 CZK / variant


  • electronic form
  • 800 212 213
  • by mail to HELUZ brick industry v.o.s., U Cihelny 295, 373 65 Dolní Bukovsko

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