The corporate Oscars celebrated their 10th anniversary in style. The Czech Goodwill 2022 award ceremony took place on 18 October 2022 in Prague. Aside from the finalists for 2022, the event also included awarding 6 corporate Oscars of the decade, which were selected by the organizer from among all the 146 companies awarded in the past ten years. Corporate Oscars of the decade for each of the six categories – up to 2019 – also included the “Czech Goodwill Benefactor” category, which was merged with the Partner category.

“We are proud that the personality of the decade award went to Ing. Jan Smola, MBA, the CEO of HELUZ GROUP. He was awarded as a recognition of the dynamic development of the company over the past 5 years.”

This year there have been a total of 101 nominations for the Czech Goodwill 2022 event, aimed to award companies that people respect. Out of those, 50 entrepreneurs and companies then advanced to the finals. A professional jury consisting of project partners and ambassadors selected the 3 strongest stories in the following categories: Tradition, Innovation, Partner and Made in Czechoslovakia. During the course of September, the public then decided on the winners in the Personality category.

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