New load-bearing LINTEL HELUZ FAMILY 3in1 ensures

Benefits of the second-generation of outdoor blinds and roller shutters lintels: improved thermal insulation properties, used for tall windows, simple & clean design

The HELUZ FAMILY of brick components for the construction of low-energy and passive houses has been supplemented with the load-bearing LINTEL HELUZ FAMILY 3in1, which provides variable space for outdoor shading technology installation. This is the second generation of the unique HELUZ lintel for installing exterior blinds, roller shutters or screens necessary for the construction of energy-efficient houses. In the winter, shading technology minimizes heat loss, while in the summer it prevents interior overheating and increases living comfort.

The new load-bearing LINTEL HELUZ FAMILY 3in1 with integrated yet removable thermal insulation is designed for single-layer HELUZ FAMILY thermal insulation masonry bricks with the best parameters available on the market. This new product has several benefits: better thermal insulation properties, meets fire standards, and complies with the modular system of rough construction HELUZ grounded bricks. While the inner space with insulator provides especially variable space for the placement of outdoor blinds and roller shutters, it can also remain filled only with insulator. As a single bearing lintel type can be used for a house, a builder needn’t decide in advance whether to install shading or not. Load-bearing LINTEL HELUZ FAMILY 3in1 is fully concealed behind plaster, which enables the installation of electric controls for the shading of balcony doors or tall windows (up to 2.5 m).

Maximum use of space for thermal insulation

Variability of lintel space is one of the best user advantages of the new load-bearing HELUZ FAMILY 3in1 lintel. While rollers are rolled up and their casing requires square section space, blinds are slats stacked together that require smaller rectangular cross-section casing. The existing lintel had a regular circular space not fully utilised when installing the blinds which reduced the quality of thermal insulation properties: the new load-bearing LINTEL HELUZ FAMILY 3in1 solves this issue. 

“The load-bearing LINTEL HELUZ FAMILY 3in1 is fully equipped with insulators. It does not need to be modified in any way. It can be installed and bricked up. The load-bearing capacity and thermal insulation are equal to standard load-bearing lintels 23.8. And a builder can also install shading with this lintel, as the individual insulator parts can be removed to provide the necessary space for a blind, small roller shutter, or even large roller blind casing to be installed. In each phase, the maximum amount of insulator for the solution remains in the lintel”, says Ing. Miroslav Vacek, Ph.D., Technical Development Director of HELUZ in summarising the new lintel’s benefits.

Advantages of load-bearing HELUZ FAMILY 3in1 LINTEL for users

The new load-bearing HELUZ FAMILY 3in1 LINTEL is an important component for low-energy and passive building constructions, which allows users to choose shading systems from various manufacturers. It provides thermal and acoustic comfort, has a massive concrete part, and does not weaken masonry. It is made from a durable material (concrete, ceramic, and thermal insulation), enables easy access for installation and maintenance of shading technology, and is concealed behind façade as it is fully covered with plaster. The gradual removal of some insulator parts from the inner space retains the maximum thermal insulation of the selected shielding solution.

Advantages of load-bearing HELUZ FAMILY 3in1 LINTEL for designers

The LINTEL HELUZ FAMILY 3in1 load-bearing system enables easy design within the HELUZ system’s height modules. The lintel has good load-bearing capacity, high fire resistance (laboratory tested), and better thermal insulation compared to first generation lintels. One lintel type can be used on the perimeter walls of houses, replacing traditional load-bearing lintels. Shielding is optional. The load-bearing LINTEL HELUZ FAMILY 3in1 can be used for a clear window span up to 3.85 m and window height up to 2.5 m if using blinds. Designing is easy thanks to technical data (CAD details, functional objects for Revit and ArchiCAD).

Thanks to the optimized lintel geometry, high thermal insulation is achieved at very good load-bearing capacity. The heat transfer coefficient values for the basic lintel option equal the properties of the HELUZ FAMILY thermal insulation brick masonry. For a lintel width of 50 cm, the U-value is U = 0.13 W/m2.K. The lintel can be used for both HELUZ FAMILY brickwork (U=0.15 W/m2.K) and HELUZ FAMILY 2in1 (U = 0.11 W/m2.K). We also improved thermal bonding at the point of the window–lintel connection. From the thermal engineering viewpoint, this detail is always challenging because a cavity inserted into a construction thereby weakens it. The new lintel can be used in both low-energy and energy-passive house constructions. Structure weakening is minor compared with first generation lintels, thus the required energy standard of the house is maintained.

Load-bearing LINTEL HELUZ FAMILY 3in1 – width (cm)

U (W/m2.K) – basic lintel option

U (W/m2.K) – brickwork HELUZ FAMILY/FAMILY 2in1



0,14 / 0,11







Advantages of the load-bearing HELUZ FAMILY 3in1 LINTEL for construction companies:

Assembly of lintel into masonry is quick and easy. Load-bearing LINTEL HELUZ FAMILY 3in1 is supplied on a pallet. A C hinge is used to fit the lintel above the bore directly from a vehicle with a hydraulic hand. Lintels can be fitted on a whole house in a matter of hours, as there is no need for a combination of standard load-bearing lintels and load-bearing shutter lintels. The lintel enables the simple installation of shading technology at practically any time after completing external plasters. Being made from steel, the top surface is flat with minimum manufacturing tolerance – hence its suitability for brickwork masonry. It is a system solution within the HELUZ construction system.

Outdoor shading provides thermal and safety comfort

The construction of low-energy and passive houses requires external shading. In addition to reducing heat loss in winter and minimizing interior overheating in summer, it provides additional user comfort: it improves acoustic comfort, has a massive concrete part, does not weaken masonry, increases privacy and security, and by protecting windows against unfavourable weather extends their lifespan.

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