Brick paving HELUZ 200x200x30

Product category: Other Brick Products / Brick Pavement HELUZ
Dimensions (LxWxH): 200 x 200 x 30 mm
Weight: 3.35 Kg
Comsumption of bricks per m2: 25
pcs on the pallet 118x100: 375


Suitable complement to the interior of new buildings and reconstruction and repair of historic buildings.

The HELUZ brick paver is a suitable interior accessory. It is characterized by its natural surface, and it thus creates an interesting composition in the resulting surface that looks very timeless. It is perfect both for new buildings and for the reconstruction or repair of historic buildings.
It looks very tasteful as a complement to clay plasters and Moroccan stuccos. It can also be combined with wooden floors, for example.
The arrangement of the pavers can be varied, depending on the imagination of the customer.
Brick pavers can also be used as a retro complement to the interior (brick parapets, shelf boards, etc.).


  • high strength and bulk density
  • for interesting floors of historic buildings, among others
  • allows a variable and highly aesthetic design
  • low water absorption
  • high mechanical and chemical resistance

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