Complete chimney HELUZ - SMART

Complete chimney HELUZ - SMART
Product category: Chimneys
A three-layer system (isostatic liner, thermal insulation, polished brick chimney fittings)
Intended for all types of appliances - Solid, gas, and liquid fuels, Both dry and wet operation
Inner diameter of the chimney liners 160 and 180 mm
Maximum inlet temperature of combustion products: 400 °C
EI60 fire resistance
90° flue connection
30-year warranty period


The HELUZ SMART chimney unit excels thanks to its compact dimensions and very simple installation. The chimney consists of one-piece ceramic blocks with isostatic liners insulated during production so installation is really quick and simple. The footprint dimensions are only 32 x 32 cm, which makes it an optimum solution for houses where space is at a premium. The available diameters of 160 and 180 mm are suitable for the majority of standard appliances. Thanks to the latest certifications, the safe distance required between the chimney shell and the surrounding flammable material is only 30 mm.


  • The precise design of the chimney body is suitable for energy saving houses
  • Space-saving 32x32cm compact dimensions
  • Resistant to thermal shock and high resistance to direct flame
  • Possibility to shorten the chimney linings as required
  • Thanks to the minimal absorbency of the liners, the chimney becomes less sooted, making cleaning much easier
  • The chimney is suitable both for basic dry operation and for wet operation

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