Flat lintel HELUZ 14,5 - 275

Flat lintel HELUZ 14,5 - 275
Product category: Lintels / Ceramic Lintels HELUZ - Flat
Dimensions (LxWxH): 2,750 x 145 x 71 mm
Weight: 59.48 Kg
Number of pieces per pallet: 30


For the building opening lintel in non-load bearing walls.

Flat HELUZ ceramic lintels are used for lintel construction holes in non-load bearing walls, where they form so-called composite lintels together with the backing clay blocks. Composite lintels consist of two parts - the actual prefabricated ceramo-concrete lintel and the so-called pressure zone built on the structure above the lintel, and they thus create a lintel coupled together above the opening (windows, doors, niches). Due to their slenderness, flat lintels are not load bearing in themselves. They only act as flat supporting composite lintels when connected (coupled) with the lined and fully mortared or concrete reinforced backing - the so-called pressure zone. They are designed for a maximum building opening diameter of 2,750 mm.



  • low steel consumption and thus the lowest price compared to other kinds of lintels
  • extensive variability of use (a combination of widths, jagged lintel)
  • the possibility of combining the lintels with the inserted thermal insulation
  • its low weight enables easy manual handling
  • three width variations (115, 145, 175 mm)
  • simple design in the complex HELUZ system in the 250 mm module in combination with so-called low clay blocks
  • lintels suitable for partitions

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