HELUZ AKU Z 17.5 grinded, P20

HELUZ AKU Z 17.5 grinded, P20
Product category: Clay blocks for Siding and Inner Walls / HELUZ AKU
Dimensions (LxWxH): 375 x 175 x 249 mm
Weight: 16.5 Kg
Class of compression strength: 20 MPa
Heat diffusion coefficient U: 1.07 W/m2K
Thermal resistance R: 0.68 m2K/W
Airborne sound insulation: 51 dB
Comsumption of bricks per m2: 10.7
Comsumption of bricks per m3: 61
Number of pieces per pallet: 60

The heat diffusion coefficient values “U” are given with plasters for the production plant in Hevlín at the strength 8 MPa or 10 MPa and thermal insulation mortar or mortar for full-area thin joint Heluz with ground bricks, if not mentioned otherwise.
More information about the product can be found in the current Pricelist or the Product Catalogue.


Acoustic ground bricks with a tight vertical Z-shaped joint laid on system thin-layer mortar designed for protected load-bearing and non-load-bearing brickwork (partitions) with a high degree of sound insulation.

AKU clay blocks blocks are used to separate individual apartments in apartment buildings, accommodation facilities, engine rooms and in family houses, e.g. for the separation of bedrooms from noisy areas.


  • for enhanced acoustic parameters of buildings
  • high levels of sound insulation
  • improved acoustic comfort of housing
  • a high wall strength

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