Load-bearing lintel HELUZ 23,8 a - 200

Product category: Lintels / Supporting Lintels HELUZ 23,8
Dimensions (LxWxH): 2,000 x 70 x 238 mm
Weight: 71 Kg
Number of pieces per pallet: 20


For lintels above door and window openings in the inner and outer walls.

HELUZ load-bearing lintels are used as lintels above door and window openings in the inner and outer walls. These lintels can be combined with thermal insulation to achieve thermal insulation properties.



  • the lintel is fully structurally viable - after placement into cement mortar
  • these lintels are combined with thermal insulation in the perimeter walls - elimination of thermal bridges
  • easy handling also enables manual installation and saves time and money
  • the visible sides of the lintel have a brick design - suitable substrate for plastering
  • the shape of the ceramic lintel fittings allows you to check the right fit of the lintel, even in completed structural work
  • simple design in the comprehensive HELUZ system in the 250 mm module

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