Load-bearing slatted and roller shutter lintel HELUZ 440 x 238 x 4000

Product category: Lintels / Supporting Louver and Roll Lintels HELUZ
Dimensions (LxWxH): 4,000 x 440 x 238 mm
Weight: 532 Kg
pcs on the pallet 118x100: 0.5


Shutter or blind lintels are used as lintels above window openings in perimeter walls.

These are load-bearing lintels. They already have integrated thermal insulation inside of them and create a box for placing shading systems (outdoor shutters or blinds). These lintels are designed for covering building openings from a width of 600 mm (with additional contact wall insulation, the min. window width must be larger) to a maximum clear opening of 3,850 mm. The height of the window opening for the installation of exterior shutters or blinds is minimum 600 mm and maximum 3,000 mm for blinds.



  • important element for passive and low-energy houses
  • system solution
  • possibility of mounting blinds and shutters
  • possibility of retrofitting shading elements
  • suitable substrate for use under plaster
  • multifunctional compact product - load-bearing lintel with a box for outdoor shading systems with integrated thermal insulation
  • simple design in the comprehensive HELUZ system
  • single 250 mm modular system
  • the lintel is fully structurally viable – (at a lintel length of 2500 mm)
  • integrated rails for mounting shading system brackets are part of the lintel
  • it allows you to install louvers or exterior blinds anytime – both after the completion of construction and during the later use of the building, but the building can be used without insttalling shading elements
  • in the case of thermal insulation composite systems, the lintel can be moved 150 mm in front of the wall face
  • the lintels allow the installation of external blinds or shutters that ensure user comfort, reduce heat loss, noise and protect against the greenhouse effect, thereby preventing overheating of rooms in the summer, protection from curious and uninvited visitors, protects the windows from the weather and thereby prolongs their lifespan

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