The designer built a model passive house from the HELUZ systems

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Object type: Passive house
Designer: Ing. Jakub Kratochvíl
Specific need of heat for heating: do 15 kWh/(m2a)
Structure: Single-layer masonry construction without additional insulation


HELUZ assortment used


The designer built a model passive house from the HELUZ systems

The house for the family stands, now it is the parrots’ turn 

When the designer is building, he creates a muster passive house. Made of HELUZ FAMILY 50 2in1 brick made of a material that achieves the best thermal insulation parameters on the market, even without additional heat insulation. The shutter and jalousie HELUZ lintels were a matter of course, so that the outer shielding, another building block of the (brick) passive house, does not disturb the facade.

"I like simplicity, symmetry, color soberness, so we have all gone into shades of gray and white," investor and designer in one person Jakub Kratochvíl describes the concept of his design. The roof is therefore anthracite, as well as the windows and the facade is white. Even part of the fence will be made of expanded metal, of anthracite cut through sheet metal, and the dark gray slate is counted for the terrace. “The same color concept also applies to the interior. It's more sensible to paint the walls on white and use materials for the floor unit that won't get so fast unattractive but can be broken by various color supplements because you can change them over time. It is more difficult to remake green walls,” the investor continues.

The two-store house with an L-shaped floor plan and two cantilever roofs are oriented to the adjacent fields, where no further construction is planned. The main entrance is situated on the south side and is directly connected to the communication corridor leading through the center of the house. From it, the individual living rooms and accessories on the ground floor are accessible (please add the names of the rooms), including the staircase to the attic. From the living room and study, There is through a glass structure and French window access and a view directly into the garden. Individual rooms and accessories upstairs are accessible from the hallway, which connects to the staircase from the ground floor.

Perimeter constructions are from the best material, HELUZ FAMILY 50 2in1 bricks

During the construction, the investor sometimes hesitates, whether to save somewhere, in this case, the investor envisaged clearly: “I thought, if you save on something, then on things that can be replaced without demolishing. For example, we chose cheaper interior doors, which you can easily put down and buy new ones. Which turned out to be reasonable, because we have a little daughter, and I expect the door to take over when he starts riding the bouncer. I can already see it on the walls, where there are handprints, knocked off corners, it used to bother me, I ran around with a brush, now I don't do it anymore,“ continues Jakub Kratochvíl with satisfaction.

As for building structures, he did not compromise there, on the contrary, he chose the best. “It was clear to me. I made comparisons, with the classic uninsulated 30 cm brick plus the outer polystyrene, I got more or less to the price of the insulated brick HELUZ FAMILY 50 2in1. Also, for the single-layer masonry, I liked the fact that I get a bonus in the form of a solid hard facade from the outside, into which once a child hits a bicycle handlebar, nothing happens because there is no soft polystyrene base under the plaster. Another advantage of the single-layer construction is a longer service life than an external thermal insulation system, healthier air in the interior because the non-externally insulated masonry breathes better, so it was a clear choice.

Among other design elements, the designer is praising the HELUZ shutter lintels: “It's a system solution that helps a lot to prevent the interior from overheating in summer. In the ceramic concrete lintel with embedded polystyrene insulation, a shutter winding is fitted, which is then hidden in the lintel and is invisible on the facade. Also, it's a system element, you'll settle it with a crane, and you'll have a solution for both the lintel and the box," the investor praises. All that he regrets today is that at the time of construction the ceramic ceiling panels by HELUZ were not yet available for greater roof inclinations, which would maintain a more comfortable interior temperature even in the summer heat.

A glass corner of the living room will provide a view of the parrots

On the other hand, it was able to create an atypical living space, which was partly open to the upper floor with the disclosed truss. “It's not “false”, it's a supporting structure, the spars, and tie beams are made of improved wood and the roof construction is built above it. The living space is so much airier,” the investor adds. The glass corner of the living room also contributes to the airiness and especially to the lighting. Like many other elements (a heat pump with a flat plate collector in the garden, a window above the living room for easy access to the roof without the need for a ladder, etc.), it is a very thoughtful detail worthy of a designer. “I'm going to build a house for my hobby – parrots and that means I'll have a beautiful view of them through the corner window. I want to have up to ten aviaries so that I can take care of them, it's relaxing for me.” This building will probably also be bricked and heated so that thermophilic birds can thrive in it, but this time the investor no longer counts on the Blower door test, which would prove the parameters of a passive building and the right to a subsidy as in a family house.

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