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Object type: Low-energy house
Specific need of heat for heating: up to 50 kWh/(m2a)
Structure: Single-layer masonry construction without additional insulation


HELUZ assortment used


It took six years for the young family to find a plot that they were happy with. They worked with an architect and chose HELUZ as their material supplier – and as a result, they got a house that they wouldn’t exchange for anything.

“We had this idea that we wanted to build our own house right from the time we decided to start a family. After our daughter was born, we began intensively searching for a suitable plot in the city that we live in, but back then we had no idea that the road will be so long and complicated,” recalls the investor. 

There are very few construction plots in our city, and many are not for sale or didn't meet our requirements. On the other hand, we didn’t want to move to any of the surrounding villages. Finally, after six long years of searching, we managed to find our plot. It’s located in the peripheral, slower part of the town, and its size is ideal for us – 1,000 m2. Plus, all the amenities we need are close by.”

How did the house design come to be?

Based on a recommendation, we contacted architect Blanka Zlamalova from the Zlamal Studio and enquired about an architectural solution and implementation of the construction project. A few meetings later, the concrete shape of our new house was slowly coming to be. We really appreciate our architect's approach; her many years of experience, advice and recommendations provided guidance not only in many fundamental aspects, but also in small details which we ourselves would have overlooked but which play an important role in the overall concept of the house (such as the orientation of the cardinal directions, the play of light inside the interior, the emphasis on privacy and/or the functional and practical aspects of the house). 

What was the most important part of the design for you?

In the design, we emphasized light and spaciousness. One of our priorities was to have a main common area, where we spend most of our time together as a family throughout the year. We wanted it to be spacious and have sufficient light all year long (even during the dark autumn and winter months), while being protected against the strong midday sun in the summer. That is also related to the requirement of having a large roof-covered terrace, which would be directly connected to the shared living room. We also emphasized having all the other rooms of an adequate size, meaning that they should be neither too small nor too large, and ensuring that the design includes all the other things we required (a wardrobe, pantry, outside technical room with a bathroom, double garage with a working area and an alcove for bikes and sports equipment). Putting all that together wasn't an easy task, but our architect did a flawless job.

What kind of technology do you have at home, and what building material did you choose? 

My husband researched all the available possibilities and variants of building materials, and based on references and professional advice we decided to use HELUZ FAMILY 44 bricks. One important factor in our decision-making was that these bricks have excellent thermal-insulation parameters, and there wouldn’t be a need to use any additional external heat insulation (other than a layer of thermal-insulation plaster); they are primarily intended for low-energy houses such as ours.

Our house also includes wireless controls for external blinds, so another factor that helped us choose the material is that HELUZ can take care of the whole shell structure of the building - from various types of bricks to shutter lintels. This allowed us to have the shell of the building ready both quickly and without any complications.

One thing that's still left is the installation of photovoltaic panels on the roof, and after that the house will be complete as far as operating equipment is concerned. 

Was there anything that didn’t go according to plan? And were there any nice surprises?

As most people, we, too, would have liked to move into our new house by Christmas. However, that was not possible due to delays with the delivery of our furniture, and we only moved in in spring. But, in the end that wasn't a bad time at all either :) We were pleasantly surprised by how quickly we got used to our new house, and how soon we all felt right at home there.

We’re all very happy here, and are certainly not planning to move away. We built it exactly as we wanted, and especially during these COVID times we had plenty of opportunities to convince ourselves that we made the right decision. During online classes and home-office, we all found our little nests of privacy in the house, and in our free time we could fully enjoy the garden, swimming pool and the surrounding areas... so the COVID restrictions really didn't affect us all that badly :)

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