The new generation of Heluz ceramic blocks

In 2023 year November 21. In 20 2021, the Faculty of Civil Engineering hosted a lecture by Andrejus Samuilovas, representative of Heluzo namai UAB for the Baltic States, for the students of Civil Engineering studies.

In a lecture-seminar, the new generation of Heluz ceramic blocks was presented to the first-year full-time students of the Construction study programme. The students learned about the history of the development of ceramic blocks, the range of products (blocks for internal and external walls, auxiliary blocks for cornices, corner brickwork, monolithic ring casting and insulation, Heluz lintels, prefabricated slabs, etc.) and the production of blocks.

The company’s representative Andrejus Samuilovas presented to the students the working tools for the installation of Heluz blocks, the technical recommendations, the test for the measurement of the airtightness of buildings and the implemented projects. The main characteristics and performance of the blocks were also discussed in detail.

The students had the opportunity to see the Heluz Triumf passive house, which was built in 2012 for experimental purposes on the grounds of the exhibition campus in Ceske Budejovice (Czech Republic) using Heluz Family 50 2in1 ceramic blocks. The aim of this project was to show that a passive house can be built with a single layer of masonry wall insulation without the use of any thermal insulation material. In addition, the aim was to practically verify the energy consumption for heating and hot water, to monitor the indoor microclimate and air quality, to assess the thermal stability of the house and to evaluate the heat loss.

The lecture-seminar was organised by Dr Marija Vaičienė, Head of the Department of Civil Engineering.

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