About the HELUZ company

The HELUZ family business

We’ve been producing bricks since 1876. That’s when Jan Řehoř built the first kiln in Dolní Bukovsko and fired the first bricks from excavated clay. This marked the beginning of a long story that we can now look back on with pride every single day. The first bricks were already of excellent quality, and our products remain a highly sought-after construction material to this day.

The family tradition was put on hold when the communists came to power, nationalising the brickworks in 1950. More than forty years later, the descendants of the company founders got it back and entrusted the management of the business to their son-in-law Vladimír Heluz. That marked the transformation of a local brickworks into a modern European company. The originally returned plant was gradually expanded with new plants in Hevlín and Libochovice. In 2008, a completely new plant called Hevlín II was built in South Moravia, and it remains one of the largest and most modern brickworks in Europe.


Why bricks are the best

Brick clay is a natural material with exceptional properties. When properly burnt, it is hard as rock, but remains permeable. HELUZ brick houses provide a cool environment in the summer and warmth in winter. They offer a pleasant and healthy home while keeping energy costs low.

There aren’t many construction materials that have undergone such rapid and revolutionary development as fired bricks. For hundreds of years, only a few types were produced with virtually no changes to their design. And yet, today the HELUZ range of brick products contains hundreds of diverse items. Bricks for outer walls with extraordinary thermal-insulation properties, acoustic bricks for inner walls, ceramic ceilings, lintels for blinds, and chimney units. Everything one would need for the core of a building, from the cellar to the chimney.


What we’re proud of

HELUZ is one of the three largest manufacturers of walling materials in the Czech Republic. And of these three, it is the only family business. The company is a prominent employer. It currently provides a livelihood for over 340 employees. We cherish the fact that there are even several generations from a single family among our employees. For us, this is further proof of the confidence people place in HELUZ as a reliable and fair employer. We take good care of our employees, and approach our environment with the same responsibility.

HELUZ is a long-term partner of the Portus foundation, which cares for people with mental disabilities. We support the “Fandi Mámám” charity event, which focuses on single mothers. And we also take our responsibility for the professional skills of future construction workers and bricklayers seriously. We work with specialised universities, secondary technical schools, and vocational schools. We support students by providing StaWEBnice, an interactive teaching aid, and the HELUZ 3D HOUSE virtual construction program for free. We are the main partner of the SKILL competition of construction skills and the Kutil Junior projects.


My HELUZ for construction workers

We are always working on making things easier for builders. In 2019, we launched the My HELUZ section, which provides them with information about their orders as well the relevant manuals, and also allows them to enquire about additional services or select benefits from partners. All in a single place. Just as it should be.


HELUZ is the leader!


We built a sample passive house using single-row brickwork in the Czech Republic. No additional insulation, clay blocks only.


As the first producer of fired walling units in the CR we got an environmental declaration of the product (EPD) based on verification of clay blocks production in view of impacts on the environment. There are still not many products with this declaration that is necessary for environmental certification of buildings.


In September 2015 the company obtained an EPD certification for all clay blocks products in all its production plants.


It is launches the first compact polished AKU clay blocks with an airborne sound insulation of Rw = 57 dB under the name HELUZ AKU COMPACT 21 polished. This innovation in the form of a sandwich structure brick-mineral wave-brick significantly increases the acoustic damping values and, at the same time, its lower width allows the living space at the same building space to be increased. 


HELUZ comes to the market with HELUZ AKU Z 17,5 – a grinded clay blocks with a unique “Z” lock. This brick is characterized by its strength, excellent acoustic properties, accumulation, leanness and, above all, speed of construction – these are the basic advantages of a clay blocks. Thanks to this unique Z-shaped lock, the airborne sound insulation of Rw = 51 dB was achieved in plastered masonry made of the AKU grinded clay blocks. The masonry made of these clay blocks can be used for peripheral and mainly internal supporting structures, on which HELUZ MIAKO ceilings can be placed well.


HELUZ is launching into market a new liquid mortar HELUZ SIDI for walling of interior and exterior structural and partition walls of passive and low-energy houses. With HELUZ SIDI mortar prepared in advance any construction is quicker and more simple because mortar application using a roll is as easy as painting. Walling constructed in this way nevertheless shows similar characteristics (mechanical, thermal, sound, endurance) like walling constructed using a thin-layer cement mortar.


The HELUZ FAMILY of clay blocks components for the construction of low-energy and passive houses has been supplemented with the load-bearing LINTEL HELUZ FAMILY 3in1, which provides variable space for outdoor shading technology installation. This is the second generation of the unique HELUZ lintel for installing exterior blinds, roller shutters or screens necessary for the construction of energy-efficient houses. In the winter, shading technology minimizes heat loss, while in the summer it prevents interior overheating and increases living comfort.


The HELUZ development and test centre was launched in 2022 in Dolní Bukovsko – a promise of further interesting news to come.

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