Modern residential project made of HELUZ bricks pays tribute to history

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Object type: Energy-satisfying house
Location: Třebíč
Specific need of heat for heating: up to 75 kWh/(m2a)
Structure: Single-layer masonry construction without additional insulation


HELUZ assortment used


The unique residential project ‘Nad Zámkem’ is located in the vicinity of the historical city centre. It was built on the location of a former farmyard, which inspired its design and character. The construction of the modern building with a rural character used HELUZ bricks. The outer perimeter walls are made of HELUZ FAMILY 50 ground bricks that provide excellent thermal insulation properties, ensuring optimum interior temperatures without the need of additional thermal insulation. The walls between individual apartments are made of HELUZ AKU 30 bricks for better acoustic comfort.

This residential building project is unique in many ways. It is located in an exclusive location within an urban preservation area, in the immediate vicinity of a castle and its garden, only a short distance from the city centre. This area used to belong to the basilica and was fortified. There was a barn, a brewery and stables that over time transformed into a granary. These historical buildings haven’t been used in past decades and have completely deteriorated. According to the concept, the implementation of which started in 2017, a significant portion of the premises was supposed to be used for residential and leisure purposes. Most of the deteriorated buildings could be taken down, one of them had to be preserved. Specifically, the former granary, which was refurbished and is now used as a recreation centre for kids. The demolished buildings were to be replaced by new residential houses and a multi-purpose building designed for free-time activities and relaxation, including a smaller wellness area.

A modern building with a rural character made of HELUZ bricks

The investor submitted an architectural study and the residential building project to a Třebíč-based company Plán projekt Kapucín, which has extensive experience with similar buildings and projects in historical locations. This company is also responsible for the restoration of the former granary and the project of the future wellness facility. The designers also made sure the residential building is thoughtfully integrated into its surroundings. The modern interpretation of the rural character refers to the atmosphere of a former farmyard and the preserved surrounding buildings, which it corresponds to both in terms of its shape and volume. The overall design of the location places emphasis on both the old and new buildings forming a harmonic unit.

The project includes two buildings, the first one being the residential house SO01. This consists of two mutually interconnected parts that form an L shape and contain residential units that can be modified to accommodate handicapped citizens and citizens with restricted mobility. The apartment house SO02 has a rectangular floor plan and contains standard apartments. A total of 33 residential units have been built, ranging from 55 to 160 square meters. Every one of them is different, as they were modified according to the future owner’s wishes before completion.

Both buildings have two floors and have a gabled roof with a residential attic, where maisonette apartments are located. The gabled roof is accompanied by glazed roof elements (skylights and dormers).

The compatibility of the structures is ensured by HELUZ bricks

Top products on the construction material market have been used all throughout the project. “The building has been designed to be made of brick blocks with thin masonry joints. The horizontal ceiling structures are made of reinforced-concrete ceiling panels due to the large ceiling span. The main staircase in the house is also made of reinforced concrete,” described Ing. Jan Lukášek from Plán projekt Kapucín. “The load-bearing structure of the roof consists of wooden truss with steel elements. The roof cladding has been designed as double-cladded with a ventilated space. The free interior of loft apartments are secured by steel girders that span the whole roof, without the need of supportive elements.”

The outer perimeter walls are made of ground HELUZ FAMILY 50 bricks. Ground bricks HELUZ FAMILY have the best thermal insulation properties on the market when compared with other materials for single-layer masonry without filled cavities. An optimum temperature in the interior is ensured even without any additional thermal insulation. These bricks are ideal for energy-efficient and passive houses; the thermal transmittance coefficient U is up to 0.14 W/m2K. Lintels above the windows and doors are made of product types that are also offered within the HELUZ construction system.

Walls between apartments are made of sound-insulating brick blocks HELUZ 30 AKU (333 x 300 x 238 mm, soundproofing of Rw = 58 dB), that represent a load-bearing and acoustic dividing structure. This also improves the sound damping between individual rooms of an apartment. Partitions between rooms are made of brick blocks HELUZ 11.5 AKU (375 x 115 x 238 mm, soundproofing of Rw = 47 dB), “All wall structures were intentionally chosen from a single manufacturer to ensure compatibility of vertical structures as a whole,” explained Ing. Jan Lukášek on behalf of the project’s authors. 

The residential project Nad Zámkem is considerate of the history and nature

The project is unique in its historical location adjacent to sights listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List – since 2003, the list includes the Jewish quarter and the St. Procopius Basilica in Třebíč. “It was a challenge to combine the requirements on historical preservation, the economic aspects, external appearance and user comfort of the project,” confirmed Ing. Jan Lukášek from Plán projekt Kapucín. However, the project not only blends well with the location and the history without compromising on the modern requirements, it is also environmentally friendly. It is worth mentioning that the apartments use rain water for flushing, which is stored in underground retention tanks.

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