Energy-satisfying house

Annual specific consumption of heat for heating:

100 - 140 kWh/(m2a)

Specific consumption of heat for heating of energy-satisfying houses is from 100 to 140 kWh/(m2a). The houses fulfil the desired thermal-technical values of the standard for peripheral structures ČSN 73 0540-2.

Principles of an energy-satisfying house:

  • It is heated by a conventional heating system for gaseous, solid or liquid fuels with high power.
  • The house fulfils the desired thermal insulation parameters of all jacketing structures (peripheral walls, windows, floors and ceilings). The desired heat diffusion U of the peripheral structure is from 0.30 to 0.38 W/(m2K).
  • It is ventilated conventionally using windows.
  • A type design is usually preferred to an individual design due to the lowest possible price.

Reference constructions

Modern residential project made of HELUZ bricks pays tribute to history

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