Passive house HELUZ TRIUMF

Sample passive brick house without any additional thermal insulation

up to 15 kWh/(m2a)

A family house with minimal energetic demands was built in České Budějovice in the fair ground area. Architectonical design of the house was developed in cooperation with the Building Faculty of the Czech Technical University in Praha and the project was realised with financial support of the state budget through the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

Inspection of the sample passive house can be booked using a form. Based on your application we will contact you by telephone.

Description of the construction

It is a simple two-storey house without any cellars, with a shed roof, suitable for a family with 4 to 6 members.

The house should be founded on a reinforced concrete foundation slab that is insulated from the subbase by a thermal insulation layer of compacted foam glas filling. The peripheral masonry is made of ground brick blocks HELUZ Family 50 2in1 with integrated thermal insulation. The heat diffusion coefficient reaches the value U = 0.11 W/m2K. The supporting structure of the roof consists of ceramic-concrete ceiling panels seated in a slope. Massive structure of these panel compared with a wooden roof structure with thermal insulation provides higher accumulation of heat and prevents overheating of rooms in the first floor. Thermal insulation of the roof consists of PIR foam plates. Special windows show heat diffusion coeffient UW = 0.61 W/m2K.

Integrated storage of heat in combination with a roof photovoltaic system creates a source of heat and warm service water. A ventilation unit with recuperation of heat and mean effectiveness of 85% was installed to ensure fulfilment of hygienical limits for ventilation and also ensure optimal micro-climatic conditions for living. The house is equipped with intelligent distribution systems.

Fotogalerie (10 photos)

The passive family house HELUZ Triumf shows specific need of heat for heating 15 kWh per sq. meter of floor area per year; its total thermal loss including ventilation is 2.59 kW. The house meets all requirements of the EU direction for constructions of residential buildings after 2020.

A series of measurements of the building jacket air diffusion confirmed that proper professional execution of works meets the requirement for quality construction of a passive house without any problems even in case of single-row brick masonry with plasters on both sides. The measured value n50 = 0.20 h-1 is even better three times than the requirement of the relevant standard.

number of persons 4-6
number of residential rooms 5
built-up area 90,75 m2
floor area 127,40 m2
built-up space 649,10 m3
roof inclination 7o
orientation of the main entry E

Partners of the project

Pasivní domy
s podporou z NZÚ 2014

Ing. Pavel Sýkora
energetický auditor
+420 603 546 981

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