Load-bearing sunblind lintel HELUZ FAMILY 3in1 500 x 245 x 2500

Product category: Lintels / Load-bearing sunblind lintel HELUZ FAMILY 3in1
Dimensions (LxWxH): 2,500 x 500 x 245 mm
Weight: 295 Kg
Number of pieces per pallet: 1


The new load-bearing LINTEL HELUZ FAMILY 3in1 has a variable space for outdoor shading technology. It can be used at any time during a building’s lifespan, and is used as a lintel above a window opening in outer walls.

Variability of lintel space is one of the best user advantages of the new load-bearing LINTEL HELUZ FAMILY 3in1. The load-bearing LINTEL HELUZ FAMILY 3in1 is fully equipped with insulators with no modifications necessary – just install and clay blocks up. Load-bearing capacity and thermal insulation are equal to standard 23.8 load-bearing lintels. At any time, builder can also install shading with this lintel, as individual insulator parts can be removed to provide the necessary space for the installation of a blind, small roller shutter, or even large roller blind casing. In each phase, the maximum insulator amount for the solution remains in the lintel.
Low-energy and passive houses require external shading. In addition to reducing heat loss in winter and minimizing interior overheating in summer, external shading provides additional user comfort: improves acoustic comfort, massive concrete part, does not weaken masonry, increases privacy and security, and extends the lifespan of windows by protecting against unfavourable weather.


  • Provides an important element for low-energy and passive building constructions
  • Ensures thermal comfort throughout the year
  • Durable (concrete, ceramics, thermal, insulation)
  • Concealed in the façade
  • Enables easy access for shielding technology installation and maintenance
  • Ensures good acoustic comfort (masonry retains strength thanks to solid concrete part)
  • Simple design within HELUZ system height modules
  • Enables wide use of shading systems from various manufacturers, no thermal bridges
  • House construction uses only one lintel type to replace load-bearing lintels and provide space for shading technology installation
  • High fire resistance (lab tested) for clear window spans up to 3.5 meters (height) and 2.5 metres for blinds installation
  • Simple design thanks to available technical documents (CAD details, functional Revit and ArchiCAD objects)
  • Good load-bearing capacity
  • HELUZ construction system solution
  • Quick assembly of lintel into masonry using handling equipment
  • Lintels can be fitted on a house in just hours (combination of standard load-bearing lintels and shutter lintels unnecessary)
  • Simple installation of shading technology at practically any time after completing external plaster finishes
  • Minimum production tolerance - suitable for ground clay blocks masonry

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